A Beginner’s Guide to Snorkeling

A Beginner’s Guide to Snorkeling
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A Beginner’s Guide to Snorkelling

Get your fins on and mask ready!

Here’s our guide to getting the most out of your snorkelling experience.

An extremely rewarding activity, snorkelling is simple! Just grab a mask and fins, rather than a heavy bag of scuba gear. A lot more flexibility is offered to you as you can easily carry your snorkelling gear on vacations, unlike tons of scuba gear. Also, since there is a lack of bubbles, you can get closer to aquatic wildlife which can’t happen during scuba diving.

A vacation in the Andaman Islands is perfect for everyone–be it families, couples, friends, or solo. The cherry on the cake, this island is a paradise for those who are adventure junkies and breathe adventure in every breath. While holidaying here, including snorkelling in your itinerary is always a great idea as you get to witness the marine life at its best on this island. Snorkelling is one such water activity that lets you experience total bliss under the water .If you want to make the most of your snorkelling experience, then improve your swimming. Of course non-swimmers can also go for this incredible water activity, but knowing it is going to help you a lot. You can take some swimming lessons if your swimming skills aren’t the best. And in case you know swimming already, then it will benefit you so much in the water. You should focus on freestyle specifically. Under the water, you will be using the kicking technique from that style while snorkelling.

You will be able to snorkel more with less effort if you improve your strength and endurance in muscles. So you can enjoy the marine environment even more deeply. If you are a strong swimmer, then you don’t have to wear the swim vest that most people have to wear. This vest helps you to float but also hinders your movements in the water. With it, it becomes very tough to do dives to check out a reef or fish. You will feel safe in the water if you know swimming.

However, swimming with fins on is something else entirely. You will feel an extra toll on the muscles with the extra drag and weight of the fins. Sometimes, you may experience cramps if you are not familiar with swimming with fins. You can take a pair of fins to the local swimming pool and do laps with them in order to get used to it. Practise long stretches at a mid-level pace, as well as shorter faster stretches.

Safety precautions to be taken while snorkelling 

Highly rewarding and a very easy water sport, snorkelling should be done by following certain precautions. These are stated below:

  • Having the right equipment is compulsory. It would be great if you know a little bit about swimming as it will help you in feeling confident inside the water. And if you don’t know it, even then it is perfectly fine.
  • The water of the ocean can be cold, and this will lead to you breathing fast. It will result in losing your energy. Thus, you should take deep and slow breaths whenever you are snorkelling. You will feel relaxed and more at ease. 
  • It would be good if you snorkel with a group rather than going alone. It will be helpful in case of an emergency under the water. You will be taken care of by someone in such a situation.
  • Checking weather reports before going for a dive is extremely important because, of course, you don’t want to get stuck in the sea during a storm. Locals and guides can easily detect fluctuations in the weather with their vast experience. 
  • Swimming too far from the safe diving spots is not recommended. While snorkelling, you should stay close to your companions or at least in their line of sight at all times. 

Snorkelling in the Andaman Islands

For witnessing marine life at its best, the Andaman Islands is the one-stop destination in India. The Indian Ocean is home to incredible marine life. The best diving sites are sprinkled in this beautiful destination. All you have to do is learn the basics and get the snorkel on rent from a dive centre. Snorkelling here is within your budget as well. One can encounter a treasure beyond their imagination while snorkelling without burning a hole in their pocket.

Thanks to the preserved marine life and alive corals around the shore and beyond. Its shoreline offers crystal clear, blue waters. Its rich population of corals is sure to take away your breath! The medium water currents and safe depth offer an optimal underwater adventure. To tick a memorable marine experience off your bucket list, choose the Andaman Islands as your next travel destination. The corals are well-preserved and in abundance here. The waters are clear enough for an excellent view of the underwater world.

The best thing is that anyone can try their hand at snorkelling. Anyone coming under the age bracket of 4 to 60 years can for this thrilling water activity. 

Factors to be considered before going for snorkelling

A number of diving spots are present in the Andaman Islands. A good snorkel site has an ideal balance of safety and beauty. Consider the following factors before going on your adventure:

  • Easy to reach
  • Underwater ecosystem
  • Rabid fish and sea creatures
  • Power and frequency of waves
  • Safety and presence of lifeguards
  • Clarity of water near the shoreline

Categories of people not allowed to snorkel 

Those who are not allowed to snorkel on the island are categorized below:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with heart conditions
  • People with breathing difficulties
  • Senior citizens above the age of 60
  • People under heavy medication or in need of care
  • People having psychological conditions that cause distortion or panic under the water

Experience of snorkelling 

Taking a dip inside the warm waters of the Andaman Islands will leave you awestruck with the underwater kaleidoscopic colours and the quietude of the ocean. One can experience the perfect combination of adventure and fun while doing this activity. Imagine swimming with colourful and gorgeous marine creatures. It will surely be an experience of a lifetime. Including snorkelling in your itinerary is a great idea when you are in the Andamans. It is because it has a fascinating and rich marine life that is hard to find anywhere else across India. Also, it is more affordable than scuba diving and you don’t need any complex equipment for it. 

The difficulty level of snorkelling 

The difficulty level for snorkelling is easy to moderate. Anyone can do it after a brief training session.

If you are always ready for an adventure and excited to explore what our wonderful planet has to offer, then snorkelling sounds like a perfect activity for you. While discovering the incredible marine life, you will challenge yourself at so many levels you wouldn’t have even imagined- both physically and mentally. Your underwater experience will boost all your senses and open your eyes to a whole new magical world! That’s why we would suggest you book a snorkelling slot and go for this wonderful water sport as soon as you can.

The best location for snorkelling

Snorkelling is one of the most popular water activities in the world. In India, Havelock Island is known for having the best spots. It is surrounded by underwater coastal belts, which are home to a dense ecosystem of coral reefs and formations. A good chunk of visitors is attracted to the isle owing to excellent diving opportunities, along with calm and peaceful beaches, as well as delicious seafood. 

The most preferred activity among tourists visiting Swaraj Dweep, snorkelling, or in simple words, swimming under the clear waters of the island, is a great way to have a mesmerising experience. The beauty of the colourful coral reefs and the underwater flora and fauna take you to a completely new world. If you want to experience aesthetic marine life at its best, then Havelock Island is your one-stop destination.

The Andaman Islands are known for having various outstanding locations that are great spots for diving. Going under these waters is exactly the type of experience that you are looking for. One of the best places for snorkelling in the Andaman Islands, Havelock Island is the most popular spot for snorkelling. Some of the beaches here are excellent for viewing rich marine life. The best one is Elephant Beach, which is the main attraction for snorkelling in the Andamans. As the waters here are quite shallow (beginning at as little as one-meter depth), snorkelling here is perfect for beginners. Underwater life is nothing short of a miracle. It is completely different from other locations as you can see long strips of coral belts with the perfect blend of hard as well as soft coral populations.

Wait no more! Just contact Aqua Nomad and book your snorkelling slot with us to have the best underwater experience in the Andaman Islands. It’s going to be awesome!

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