Rutland Island, Port Blair

Scuba Diving in Rutland Island, Port Blair

Scuba Diving in Rutland Island

About Rutland Island, Port Blair

The picturesque Rutland Island lies in the south of Port Blair’s far tip, the far tip of India. The island makes up the South Andaman district. Out of its six villages, Dani Nallah is the most popular for the memorable marine life and turtle breeding experience it offers. The island is around 110 square kilometers. Rutland Island is all about fun, excitement, and, natural beauty. There, you would feel as if you are in the lap of nature. It is a tiny island. With the shallow waters near the island, the destination is extremely rich in marine life. The place offers a good representation of smaller fishes and corals. Its waters are known for keeping some of India’s best treasures. If you are someone who loves the rush of being underwater, then this is going to be the perfect opportunity for an adventure enthusiast like you. An ideal base for training divers, Rutland Island is visited by adrenaline junkies a lot. The dive will be for around half an hour that will take you about 39 feet deep into the ocean.


39 feet

Suitable for


Aquatic life includes

  • Hard corals
  • Sea turtles
  • Pipefishes
  • Eagle rays
  • Seaweed beds