Corruption Rock, Port Blair

Scuba Diving in Corruption Rock, Port Blair

Scuba Diving in Corruption Rock

About Corruption Rock, Port Blair

Lying between Chidiya Tapu and Rutland Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Corruption Rock is a sought-after dive site for tourists vacationing in Port Blair. This huge rock has lovely gullies, channels, ridges, and canyons. The western side of the rock is this dive site and is made up of huge underwater rocks. One can spot big napoleons, schooling fusiliers, banners, unicorn fish, etc. in its waters. Consisting of a huge rock going down 98 feet down, the Corruption Rock in South Andamans is a well-known dive site. Its top part emerges out of the water. It is located at the entrance of a channel.

Bringing in nourishment, a large amount of sea life is attracted to a protected environment. One can spot barracuda, eagle rays, giant trevally, giant groupers, blackjacks, humphead parrotfish, green sea turtles, etc. corals covering the rock face. The currents here are quite strong. Therefore, deep dives, photo trips, and fish IDing or Underwater Naturalist courses are recommended. If you are thinking of scuba diving in Port Blair, then Corruption Rock is a great choice.

Aquatic life includes

  • Giant napoleons
  • Eagle rays
  • Huge snappers
  • Schooling fusiliers
  • Banner
  • Unicorn fish
  • Dolphins
  • Tuna
  • Reef sharks