Margherita’s Mischief, Neil Island

Scuba Diving in Margherita’s Mischief

Scuba Diving in Margherita’s Mischief

About Margherita’s Mischief, Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

Margherita’s Mischief is one of the 3 most popular reefs between Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) and Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep). It is a long chain of rock mounds extending southward from the descent point. The sea grass on the sandy bottom of this dive site is loved by the dugongs, and thus you can spot them here. Under its rocks, you will find a number of moray eels, octopus, lobsters, shrimps, juvenile pipe fish, mantis shrimps, etc.

This Neil Island dive site is a huge, sandy bottom that is covered in a maze of boulders. The perfect location for open water divers owing to its easy depths and good visibility. Margherita’s Mischief rarely has a water current. Dugongs often frequent this site and you can capture them on your camera. Hundreds of yellow snappers and soldierfish can be seen on the boulder patches. Pufferfish, angelfish, batfish, and dozens of blue spotted stingrays can be seen hidden in the sand. This scuba dive site is just ten minutes away from the jetty.


22-52 feet

Suitable for


Aquatic life includes

  • Dugongs
  • Yellow snappers
  • Soldierfish
  • Pufferfish
  • Angelfish
  • Batfish
  • Blue-spotted stingrays
  • Moray eels
  • Octopus
  • Lobsters
  • Shrimps
  • Juvenile pipe fish
  • Mantis shrimps