Andaman Islands: The Diver’s Paradise

Andaman Islands: The Diver’s Paradise
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The Diver's Paradise - The Andaman Nicobar Islands

“Diving is an investment of time and money but the rewards can be life-changing, literally.”—Andi Cummings

The Andaman Islands is home to the richest marine life and the clearest underwater in India. While you are here, you have to go for one of the most incredible water sports in the waters of the island- scuba diving. The best part is that anyone can go for this enthralling activity as you don’t need to know swimming to witness its diverse underwater life. Before diving, the instructors will train you a bit in the shallow water and teach you the underwater signals for communication. Once you get accustomed, take the plunge! You will be amazed by the undiscovered underwater life that will unfold before your eyes. You will be completely comfortable and safe as expert divemasters will accompany you at all times. And if you want to cherish these awe-inspiring memories for life long, then don’t forget to take a picture or two while you are surrounded by fishes.

Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep officially) has a number of scuba diving centres from where you can get your PADI certification (basic and advanced levels). Aqua Nomads is one of them that is a 5-star facility of the diver training organization. To go for your first fun dive, you don’t need any kind of certification. If you don’t know swimming, even then it is absolutely fine. The miraculous natural marine life under the enchanting waters of the island is waiting for you. Scuba diving is the best water activity in the world, and doing it for the first time in Havelock Island would be an experience of a lifetime for you. Whether you are a swimmer or a non-swimmer, this activity is an excellent option for you.

Scuba diving is the most sought-after water activity for visitors travelling to Havelock Island. Deep down in the turquoise waters, you can experience marine life at its best. The best way to witness the colourful submerged world and get close to the marvels of the underwater world is to go for scuba diving in Swaraj Dweep. This recreational sport is enjoyed by everyone around the globe and people from different countries visit this splendid island to experience the magic.

Planning a scuba diving session in Havelock Island

With no medical complications if you are in the best of your health, then you are all set to go for scuba diving. At the time of the activity, scuba gear will be provided to you by us, and before diving into the sea, you will have to attend a training session with our expert instructors. The best time for scuba diving in Havelock Island is between November and February as the water temperature is the most pleasant during this time period. If you want to avoid any last-minute hassles, then book your scuba diving slot with Aqua Nomads, which is a reliable name across the island.

Most of the diving sites are in water not deeper than twenty meters. However, deeper and newer spots are being discovered that are highly recommended. You can reach these dive sites in 30 minutes to two hours by boat. The topography and fish life are incomparable here. The prescribed depth limits are strictly followed by all diving instructors for safety purposes. Scuba diving in Havelock Island is strictly performed under the supervision of professional trainers. But those tourists, who are experienced and certified, can request to dive at a site that is deeper than their previous experiences.

In Havelock Island, you can indulge yourself in the fascinating activity of scuba diving and make your trip unforgettable. The dives are conducted preferably early in the morning because of clear visibility and increased chances of finding breathing corals during that time of the day. Complete assistance is given by the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified scuba instructors. They would brief you about the “dos and don’ts” of scuba diving.

Once you reach the dive site, you will be required to wear the proper equipment for scuba diving and listen to all the instructions carefully before embarking on your underwater experience. The universal underwater signs for communication will be taught to you. You will be given a test dive session in the shallow waters so that you can become familiar with the gear. Your trainer will accompany you through the entire procedure. After making you do breathing practice and other techniques along with answering your questions (if any), he will take you under the water. That would be the exact moment when you will forget everything else that is happening outside!

Please note: Consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicating products is strictly prohibited before scuba diving.

Things to carry for scuba diving

  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Personal medicine kit, if needed

Factors that influence diving

There are more than 40 places to dive in the Andaman Islands. Various factors that influence the perfect diving experience are mentioned below:

  • Safety
  • Weather
  • Water depth
  • Water current
  • Fish population
  • Clarity of water
  • Population of corals

The best in Havelock Island

For both new and experienced divers, Nemo Reef in Havelock Island ensures a memorable diving experience as it is among the best places for scuba diving on the island. Second to none, its rich marine life and coral population offers a great experience. When you are under the water, vibrant and colourful fish often surrounds you. That feeling cannot be explained in words. With us, your dive is absolutely safe and stress-free as the beach has a perfect blend of clear waters and low water currents. Moreover, our experienced PADI-certified scuba divers will accompany you under the water as well. Thus, you can enjoy the whole experience to the fullest, without any worry.

We know that ticking off scuba diving from your bucket list is long due, and Havelock Island is the best place in the Andamans to do it. Our expert staff will take care of all your requirements.

Scuba diving is one of the most popular water activities in the world. In India, Havelock Island is known for having the best diving spots. The Andamans are surrounded by underwater coastal belts, which are home to a dense ecosystem of coral reefs and formations. A good chunk of visitors is attracted to the isles owing to excellent diving opportunities, along with calm and peaceful beaches, as well as delicious seafood.

The unique topography of Havelock Island makes the diving experience hard to get anywhere else. Most of its beaches are enclosed by long stretches of reefs that are hundreds of meters wide and are separated by the shore with shallow waters. The alive and untouched corals are home to the world’s most vivacious marine dwellers and fish that may pop out from the azure ocean and display a

gorgeous scene around the scuba diver. The abundance of corals and fish often enclose the diver from all directions which is enough to leave him in wonder and awe. Thanks to the protection offered by the Andaman Administration.

Havelock Island is known for having a number of outstanding locations that are great spots for diving. Going under the depths of these waters is exactly the type of experience that you are looking for. During your vacations in the stunning Andaman Islands, don’t forget to go for one of the finest scuba diving experiences in India that you can have in Havelock Island.

Don’t forget to get a video memoir and photographs of your scuba diving experience in the depth of the ocean.

Top diving sites in Havelock Island

Havelock Island is known for having a total of nine outstanding locations that are great spots for diving. Going under the depths of these waters is exactly the type of experience that you are looking for.

Barracuda City

For beginners, this is simply the best spot for diving. It is completely different from other locations as you can see long strips of coral belts with the perfect blend of hard as well as soft coral populations. Its rich ecosystem offers tons of fish of diverse species and colours. And if you are lucky enough, then you can spot wandering sea turtles near the corals.

Turtle Bay

As evident from the name, Turtle Bay has plenty of sea turtles. Moreover, you can also spot corals and Rays in abundance here. This spot is perfect for you if you are a true lover of natural marine life. The depth of water doesn’t exceed fourteen meters, thus making it a decent destination for inexperienced divers.

Seduction Point

Divers looking for something exclusive should know that this is a perfect diving spot in Havelock Island owing to the shallow water, a large number of inhabitants including Napoleons, and a dense population of hard staghorn corals.

Mac Point

Popular for hard corals and small groups of fish, you can reach this place by boat. The capital animal of Andaman- Dugong, which is also known as sea-cow, can be easily spotted here.


Promising a lot to beginners, this spot is a bit offshore at a distance of three kilometres from Elephant Beach. It houses fringing reefs that are crowded with large groups of colourful fishes.

The Wall

Allowing for a very unique view of the underwater world, this is a huge underwater rock that drops down to 56 meters.

Minerva Ledge

It is simply described as an enormous block of hard corals in clear waters, with sea dwellers including sharks. The site is only recommended for experienced divers.

Pilot Reef

Only recommended for experienced divers, this is a long strip of the underwater canyon, which is nearly 24 meters deep.


If you want to witness the perfect balance of vibrant fish and soft & hard corals, then this is your one-stop destination. The water is shallow but gets deeper as you move farther from the shore.

Other scuba diving sites in Havelock Island are as follows:

  • M4
  • Jackson’s Bar
  • Jonny George
  • Broken Ledge
  • Dicksons Pinnacle
  • Whitehouse Rock
  • MV Mars
  • Red Pillar
  • The Slope
  • Purple Haze
  • S.S. Inchkett

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