Introduction to Shore Diving

Introduction to Shore Diving
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Complete Guide to Shore Diving in Andaman Islands

Who says that you always need a boat to scuba dive! You can dive on the shore as well. It is called shore diving and it is very much rewarding as well. This is something that you should definitely try when vacationing in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands since this destination is home to the marvellous underwater world.

What is shore diving?

As evident from the name, shore diving means to dive from the shore rather than from a boat. Getting a boat to scuba dive is not possible and economical all the time. Moreover, there are various advantages of shore diving that we are explaining in this article.

Advantages of shore diving

Shore diving is quite popular in Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep officially). Some of the many benefits of this kind of scuba diving are presented below:

  • You can simply walk in right off the beach as you don’t require a boat to reach the dive site.
  • Scuba diving in the Andamans is easily accessible. There are many shore diving sites along the coast that offer a great experience, especially to first-timers. 
  • Shore diving is perfect for all levels of divers, ranging from recently certified Open Water Divers to expert diving professionals.
  • There is a lot to see! Just walk straight in from the beach and spot incredible aquatic life including colourful fishes and corals. Simple, right
  • Shore diving is affordable as you don’t have to pay expenses for a boat. All you need is scuba gear. And if you have your own gear, then it’s even cheaper. You will have to pay for air-fill only.
  • Shore diving is a relaxed way of diving as there is no rush to stick to a schedule. Thus, you can spend your time talking to your diving buddies as you get ready and also after the dive. These diving buddies can become your good friends as well and you can go for your scuba diving adventures with them in the future.
  • One can go shore diving in the Andaman Islands in nearly any weather condition. It has a number of sites that are perfect for shore dives.
  • If you are someone who suffers from seasickness, then you don’t have to worry about that since there is no such problem while shore diving.

Exploring the underwater world via shore diving is really fun. It is safe as well as rewarding. If you are also willing to try your hand at this when holidaying in Havelock Island, then contact Aqua Nomads, a 5-star PADI centre on the island. The equipment will be provided here and you can enjoy scuba diving with an experienced instructor who will be there with you at all times.

Tips for shore diving

As rewarding as it can be, shore diving is not always easy. We present here a few important things that you should keep in mind in order to make your shore diving easy and smooth. These simple shore diving tips can make your entire experience a bit easier.

Plan your entry and exit well in advance

This is not a major issue as such, but it is specifically relevant on rocky shores in tidal regions. Have a contingency plan before committing and make sure of your exit. 

Plan ahead to keep work level low

Simply getting to the entry point with all your scuba gear is pretty tiring when it comes to shore diving. When you are doing that, make sure that you are in sync with your buddy so there’s no hanging around. Sometimes, you can find that it is easier to set up the scuba unit and bring it and your weight belt to the entry point before suiting up. Always make sure that you are nice and relaxed before getting under the water. So take your time accordingly.

Putting on and taking off your fins

When conditions are favourable, wading out to waist-deep water is ideal. You can use your buddy’s shoulder for support as you slip your fins on.

Finding your way back

Line up a couple of obvious landmarks on your way out to find your way back easily. 

Getting out of the water

It is fun to stay at the bottom on a gradually sloping shoreline until you are in water less than a meter deep. You can take off your fins there. If there are boats and other water users, then swim on the surface. Your instructor will help you get to your feet. You should stay down, keep your fins on, and crawl out of the water in case there’s any doubt about getting up. It will work pretty well. 

During a shore dive, you enter the water from the land rather than a boat. Havelock Island is a great destination for this type of diving and you can explore incredible marine life here at a relaxing pace that suits your travel plan. The conditions are usually calm when you go shore diving. That’s why it is a popular choice for PADI courses, snorkelers, and new divers. Sore diving is a lot to offer and sometimes, it easily rivals offshore sites. There are world-class shipwrecks that you can explore via shore diving at some places. Moreover, you can also encounter creatures great and small!

Book a shore diving trip today!

If you are ready to step into the most memorable shore diving adventure, then contact none but the best–Aqua Nomads. Book your scuba vacation with this PADI centre located on the most popular island of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands–Havelock Island. Whether you are a beginner or a certified diver, shore diving is something that everyone enjoys. The PADI-certified, experienced divers at Aqua Nomads are committed to making sure that you have an experience of a lifetime under the water.

A minimum level of health and fitness is required for scuba diving. In case you are suffering from any chronic health condition, or taking certain medications and/or had surgery recently, you will have to get written approval from a physician before diving.

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