Scuba Diving in the Andaman Islands: Best Time & Cost

Scuba Diving in the Andaman Islands: Best Time & Cost
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The soothing and sunny vibes of the Andaman Islands tempt travellers to come here from all over the world. This union territory of India mesmerises everyone with its oozing natural beauty. It is also a popular honeymoon destination and there are a number of gorgeous beaches where you can spend some quality time with your partner. If you want to have a rejuvenating holiday in India, then pick the Andamans as it is popular for its sunny skies, white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and untouched surroundings. However, the flawless beauty of its islands is not the only thing that makes this destination a heavenly abode on earth. Enthralling adventure sports and water activities also make your Andaman vacation unforgettable.

Ranging from underwater sea walking to a fun-filled banana boat ride and from jungle trekking to peaceful golden beaches, the Andaman Islands have everything. If you want to explore the exclusive marine life comprising some of the rarest corals and fascinating fish, then try snorkelling. One can also witness the Bioluminescence in Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep officially). It is a breathtaking experience in which water glows as you row the boat across. Definitely an unforgettable natural phenomenon! But if you are interested in discovering the colourful corals and the splendid water life deep under the waves, then you should scuba dive in the Andaman Islands.

Scuba diving in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands

One of the best things to do in the Andaman Islands is scuba diving. After you are done lazing on its gorgeous beaches and trying authentic seafood delicacies, go to a PADI shop and book your dive. It is operational during a major part of the year. You can witness incredible aquatic life including vibrant fishes, colourful corals, and seabed gardens in its cobalt waters. It is one of the best experiences that one can have in their life. For most people, diving once is not enough. They want to do it again and again.

There is an entire world inside the sea that is waiting to be explored by you. It’s like magic that will leave you spellbound and awestruck with its charm. There are untouched corals and vibrant fishes that sometimes surround the diver from all directions. It can leave anyone in wonder and awe. Thanks to the Andaman Administration for its efforts in maintaining a healthy marine world. There are underwater coastal belts enveloping the Andamans that are home to extremely dense ecosystems of coral reefs. Long stretches of reefs, usually several hundred meters wide, enclose most of the islands. These are separated by the shore with shallow waters. To make the experience even more unique and rare, there are volcanic lava hills as well. Owing to all this, the scuba diving experience in the Andamans is one of its kind.

Best time for scuba diving in the Andaman Islands

The best thing about the Andamans is that you can take a dive here at any time of the year. However, the months from June to September witness heavy rainfall and monsoon storms. So tourists usually avoid them. The diving season on the island begins in October and concludes in May. These months are also the best time to travel to the Andaman Islands in general.

Rains affect visibility at shallow depths but they do not matter much when it comes to scuba diving. The island receives shorter and more frequent showers. There are no longer and extended rainfalls that affect scuba diving. Rain doesn’t affect much once you descend to the dive depths. However, tides affect the underwater visibility greatly and they change on a weekly basis as well. Thus, the overall scuba diving conditions in the Andaman Islands remain more or less the season the same throughout the year. Having said that, monsoon season is not the best time to go scuba diving in the Andamans. There may be very strong winds that make the sea rough and unsafe. Thus, it would be an unsuitable time to go for a dive.

Cost of scuba diving in the Andamans

Normally, the charges for scuba diving in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands vary between INR 4000-5000 for 30-40 minutes. The cost increases for longer durations. First-time divers and non-swimmers go for these dives to get the feel of the ocean including beautiful corals and fishes. But if you are a skilled diver and you want to test your skills and experience, then longer duration sessions and speciality dives are available as well. Depending on the certification and duration, one can choose from various PADI-approved diving courses in the Andaman Islands. These are priced between INR 6000 and 40000.

Best places for scuba diving in the Andaman Islands

Factors such as the water depth, clarity, water current, weather conditions, etc. affect scuba diving in the Andamans. Keeping these in mind, we present below a list of the best scuba diving spots on the island. 

  • Havelock Island- Hands down, Swaraj Dweep is one of the best places to explore the depth of the Indian Ocean. There are many less-explored diving sites around this island. So you can see its rich marine life and an abundant coral population. The low currents make sure that your dive goes stress-free. You can spot many vibrant fishes and sea dwellers easily in its clear waters. 
  • Lighthouse-This location is popular for night diving. However, it is only for PADI and SSI-certified divers. You will be offered splendid views of humpback parrotfish, octopus, fusiliers, lobsters, lionfish, etc. along with hard and soft corals. 
  • North Bay Island- Here, you can have a memorable diving experience as its shoreline has crystal clear water and a rich population of corals. It is a tiny island, which is popular for diving tours. 
  • Mac Point- It is a popular diving spot for dugongs and rugged hard corals that enhance the aesthetics of the underwater world. 
  • Barracuda City- It is a lesser-explored underwater location and it lets you explore the deep secrets of the marine world. Here, you can witness colourful fishes, corals, and sea turtles.

Important tips for first-time scuba divers in the Andaman Islands

In comparison to regular people, the world is twice as big for scuba divers. There is a lot to see and do when you are in the Andamans. But nothing beats the experience of scuba diving. The cobalt waters of the Andamans are home to incredible marine life that is waiting to be explored by you.

Before going for your first dive in the Andamans, you will be given a session in which you will be taught all the basic diving skills and other things. You will learn how to breathe properly, float, control the pressure, etc. so that you can enjoy your dive and have a mesmerising experience under the waves. We present below some basic diving tips that will help you during your first dive on the island.

  • Choose a good day
    Scuba diving is affected by weather conditions just like wind and tidal behaviour. Reaching the point of immersion gets difficult in such circumstances when underwater currents are created. Try diving another day if things don’t look good.

  • Clarify your doubts
    Don’t leave any questions unanswered before going for your dive. Clarify all your doubts, check your equipment, and always follow the directions of your instructor. Communicating under the water is not easy and that’s why, you will be taught signals to do so. Make sure you are clear on every topic while you are still above the water.

  • Breathe
    The one thing that any instructor will tell you is to don’t stop breathing when you are under the water. Your oxygen cylinder will help you in doing so.  

  • Don’t touch anything
    You may get excited when you saw the amazing marine world. But the basic rule in the sea is to look at everything but don’t touch anything. Some fishes, seaweed, and corals may be harmless and touching them is a big no! 
  • Rise cautiously
    After your dive, don’t be in a hurry to come back to the surface. If there is a sudden pressure change, then your lungs may get hurt. Always rise slower than the column of bubbles that are emitted with each exhaled breath.

If you are planning your first scuba dive in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, then picking Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) would be your best bet. There are a number of dive shops here and among them, Aqua Nomads is counted among the most reliable names. It is a 5-star PADI facility located here and is known for offering the best diving experiences, especially to beginners. Tourists from all over the world come to this island to experience the times of their lives. Its experienced and knowledgeable instructors will also help you in boosting your confidence so that you can have an incredible time under the water. Life is meant to be enjoyed and scuba diving is something that is loved by everyone.

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