Things to carry for Andaman Islands

Things to carry for Andaman Islands
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When planning your trip to the heaven called Andamans, you need to be a little prepared. The clusters of islands of Andamans offer basic amenities but being prepared is always beneficial.

Andamans is located on the southeastern coast of India, in the middle of the Bay of Bengal, this tropical region is often warm during the days and cools down with dawn.
The best time to visit the Andamans is from October to March, while April to September witness heat and heavy rainfall. But be it any season, these essentials always make it up to your travel bags.

Sun Screen Lotions

The sun is always looking toward you in Andamans, and while the land promises an ample amount of Vitamin D3, you need to be cautious about your skin health too. The sun here is sharp, and the salt in the air can burn your skin. Carrying a waterproof
sunscreen for long-lasting results is highly recommended. Consult your dermatologist if you have any specific skin irritations or allergies.

Mosquito Repellents

Andamans, also famous for its tropical forest, encompasses a diverse amount of insects and mosquitoes. The islands can get unpleasant due to sand fly attacks. Citronella oil-based repellent is advised against mosquitoes, sand flies and insects.

Moreover, mosquito repellent patches are highly recommended for kids and teenagers all the time.

Airy Clothes

The warm breezy waves on the beaches are the breath of fresh air you will get away from your city life but do not carry your baggy jeans and heavy outfits. Andaman gets hot during the daytime, it is advised by the locals to wear cotton clothes, airy dresses and lose kaftans.

Also, they will lessen your weight in luggage.

Chappals/Flip-flops and Shoes

Rubber flip-flops or chappals will help you in walking around the beaches and the islands. They are easily washable and are light to carry. Meanwhile, if you are planning to go trekking, carrying good comfortable shoes is a must, as the trek almost takes more than 3-4 hours.

Avoid wearing heels and uncomfortable footwear to the beaches and treks, they will result in discomfort.


Carry a quick dry towel or use and throw towels with you at the beaches.


It is advised to carry a small backpack where you can store all your beach or trek essentials. Carry the foldable bags which can be easily emptied and stored in your suitcases while not in use.

You can carry your swimwear, and keep your wallets and other valuable items in the bags while you enjoy at the beach.

Wet Bags

Carry an extra bag while going to the beach. The wet clothes, towels, and muddy footwear after enjoying the beach can be brought back in these wet bags to the resort. You can carry the wet bags in your backpack or dry bags.

Water Bottle

Carry steel water bottles while you travel to any place, you can refill the water from any restaurant. This will avoid unnecessary plastic usage and will make you environmental resilient.


If you are travelling to Andamans, where you can see the water from every corner of your eye, you will be lured to wet your toes. Carry proper swimwear according to your comfort to enjoy the maximum of Andamans.

Sun Glasses

To stay under the sun comfortably and protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, carrying a pair of sunglasses is a must.

Beach Hat/Caps

Carry your round hats to the beach to get extra coverage for your body from the scorching sun.

Beach Mats/Hammocks

Andamans is about enjoying the beauty it offers, bringing along the mats and spending some time watching the sunset and sunrise at various beaches will calm your mind. Also, if you have a hammock, bring it along, Andaman offers huge trees where you can tie your hammocks and enjoy the mighty islands in the hammocks with a favourite book in your hand.

Waterproof Cameras

Water activities in Andaman come with inclusive packages of underwater photographs and videos. But, if you are a photography enthusiast carry your photography gears to
capture the marine life underwater.

Rain Protection

Andamans cover the tropical belt with their location, these clusters receive rains from both the southwest monsoons and retreating northeast monsoons, which falls under high rainfall area. The weather is unpredictable, so carrying an umbrella or raincoats is advised. In addition, carry zip-lock bags to keep your gadgets and valuables protected from rains and moisture.


As you know by now, Andaman is positioned far from the mainland, if you are suffering from any kind of medical condition, make sure you carry your medications properly and extra in case of any untimely emergencies. Also, inform your reception desk if you have
any kind of special requirements.


There are a couple of ATMs in Havelock, which may run out of money at peak season. It is advised to carry cash before you hop on the jetty from Port Blair, as getting stranded on an island without money may cause some issues.


It is recommended to carry a pocket flashlight post-sunset to avoid stepping on slimy creepy crawlies.

Pocket Diary/ Books

Andaman offers serenity, calmness and peace. Carry a pocket diary to write your thoughts, and doodle on the beach. Carry some paints if you are an artist, you will experience the most beautiful natural canvas of mother nature. Also, if you are a bookworm, carry your favourite author’s bestseller and give it a go while the waves cherish your presence.

Havelock and Port Blair also have a local flea market where you can purchase some of the above-mentioned items. The flea market in Port Blair is operational on weekends.

Note: Havelock offers only two cellular networks, AirTel and BSNL, if you have any important calls to make to the mainland, the travellers can use the wifi available at the hotels and resorts.

And remember, you are travelling within nature, away from daily lives, so travel responsibly and do not litter any kind of waste on the beautiful islands of Andaman!

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