PADI Basic Freediver Course

A subset of the PADI Freediver course, you can learn basic freediving principles and focus on practising breathhold techniques in a pool or confined water site during the Basic Freediver program. You will be able to develop solid freediving skills. One must be at least twelve years old for enrolling in a PADI Basic Freediver course. You should be in good physical health and have adequate swimming skills. There is no need for prior experience with snorkelling, skin diving, or freediving. Are you younger than twelve years? Eight-year-olds and older can take the PADI Skin Diver course.

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In the PADI Basic Freediver course, you learn to use the following:

  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Wetsuit 
  • Weight belt 

There is a gear that is designed especially for freediving. Using it is the best. However, you can also use snorkelling equipment if you already have one. The staff at the dive centre will tell you about the gear that you will be using during the course. If you have any doubts, then you can ask your PADI Basic Freediver Instructor.


PADI Freediver program comprises the following two phases:

Knowledge development about freediving principles via independent study with PADI Freediver eLearning. Class sessions may also be conducted by your instructor if not available in a language that you understand.

Confined water session to learn breath-hold techniques and static and dynamic apnea, along with proper buddy procedures. The goal is to develop dynamic apnea of 25 metres/80 feet and static apnea of 90 seconds. 

Practising free immersion, constant weight freedives, and proper buddy procedures in open water sessions. The goal is to teach constant weight freedive of 10 metres/30 feet.

Getting started

To take the Basic Freediver course, contact a PADI Freediver center or PADI Freediver instructor, and get the PADI Freediver eLearning mobile application. It is an interactive study tool that offers the basic details you will need for freediving safely. You can study at your own speed. The PADI Freediver eLearning will also comprise all the study materials for the PADI Advanced Freediver, Master Freediver, and Freediver courses.

About Dive Andaman

Havelock Island is dotted with a number of dive shops. But a PADI center is recommended, especially if you are scuba diving for the very first time. The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is an international organization and its centers are present everywhere. If you are vacationing in Havelock Island (known as Swaraj Dweep officially) and want to go scuba diving, then trust none other than the best–Dive Andaman. It is a 5-star PADI facility and offers all kinds of dives and diving programs. 

If you are an ocean lover and want to explore the depths of the turquoise waters of the Andaman Islands, then scuba diving is the best way to do that. Whether you want to go for shore diving or boat diving, Dive Andaman will offer you the best experience. Your first dive is extra special as you have invested a lot of your excitement and curiosity in it. Our instructors understand this completely and that’s why, they make sure you get to have the most amazing memories of your dive. 

If you want to become a licensed or professional diver, then you will be happy to know that Andaman Island offers different certifications and licenses from certified schools. You can dive at basic dive sites around the world once you get the diving card.

We know that ticking off scuba diving from your bucket list is long due, and Havelock Island is the best place in Andaman to do it. Book your dive with Dive Andaman to have the best experience ever! This 5-star PADI facility will take care of all your requirements to ensure that you have a wonderful dive. 

Scuba Diving in Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

In Havelock Island, you can indulge yourself in the fascinating activity of scuba diving and make your trip unforgettable. The dives are conducted preferably early in the morning because of clear visibility and increased chances of finding breathing corals during that time of the day. Complete assistance is given by the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified scuba instructor. He would brief you about the “dos and don’ts” of scuba diving. 

Once you reach the dive site, you will be required to wear the proper equipment for scuba diving and listen to all the instructions carefully before embarking on your underwater experience. The universal underwater signs for communication will be taught to you. You will be given a test dive session in the shallow waters so that you can become familiar with the gear. He will accompany you through the entire procedure. After making you do breathing practice and other techniques along with answering your questions (if any), the trainer will take you under the water. That would be the exact moment when you will forget everything else that is happening outside!

For both new and experienced divers, Elephant Beach in Havelock Island ensures a memorable diving experience as it is among the best places for scuba diving in Havelock Island. Second, to none, its rich marine life and coral population offers a great experience. When you are under the water, vibrant and colourful fish often surrounds you. That feeling cannot be explained in words. Here, your dive is absolutely safe and stress-free as the beach has a perfect blend of clear waters and low water currents.

You can reach the beach by boat, and the experienced PADI-certified scuba providers will accompany you. Also, you don’t have to worry about additional travel expenditure and time as every trip and package involves a visit to Havelock Island. The unique topography of the Andaman Islands makes the diving experience hard to get anywhere else. Most of its beaches are enclosed by long stretches of reefs that are hundreds of meters wide and are separated by the shore with shallow waters. 

Please note: Consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicating products is strictly prohibited before scuba diving.

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