How to reach Turtle Beach

How to reach Turtle Beach
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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known as a ‘tropical paradise’ owing to their serene beaches, sparkling soft white sand, gorgeous azure sea, and clear skies. Imagine basking under the sun while admiring the breathtaking views of the ocean. It is almost like a dream! The tropical destination offers innumerable vantage points for capturing postcard-worthy and Instagram-perfect photographs.

A lesser-known and hidden gem in the Andamans, Turtle Beach is an incredible place to visit when you are in Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep). Not many people know about this secluded, gorgeous beach and thus, there is a high chance that you can have the entire beach to yourself. How amazing would that be! It is popular for its crystal-clear water with lovely hues of blue, swaying palm trees, and silky white sand under the vast azure sky. It enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year and thus, it makes for a perfect choice for an idyllic beach getaway. If you want to experience tranquillity at its best, then this is the place that you should be including in your travel list in 2023.

How to Reach Turtle Beach (Havelock Island)

Your starting point for the vacation in the Andaman Islands will be Port Blair, the capital town. You can easily reach here via flight. To reach Havelock Island from there, take a ferry from Port Blair. You will reach the island in just 2-2.5 hours. The entire sea journey is extremely lovely. Once you are in Havelock Island, head to the famous Elephant Beach. From there, our private chartered boat will take you to Turtle Beach. it will take just 25 minutes to reach there.

We will make sure that you get world-class hospitality. Delicious snacks and refreshing drinks will be served to you. Once you reach the beach, you will have the option of going scuba diving, snorkelling, or just taking a nap amidst the overflowing natural beauty of the beach. If you are interested in getting your own drone videos, even that can be arranged by our expert team. This is something that is highly recommended when in the Andaman Islands, especially because it is a secluded beach. no crowd, no noise, just complete peace!

Reasons to visit Turtle Beach, Havelock Island

Reason #1: Extremely romantic beach
A vacation in the Andaman Islands is no less than a dream come true. It is the best place to spend quality time with your better half. Imagine getting surrounded by lush greenery, turquoise sea, and serene soft white sand while you are here. It is the perfect place where you can create unforgettable memories with your sweetheart.

Reason #2: Incredible myriad of marine life
If you are a nature lover along with an adrenaline junkie as well, then you should know that Turtle Beach is counted among the best places for diving in the Andaman Islands. Your trip to this island would be incomplete without a dip in its serene waters that is oozing with rich marine life. Its marine life is quite famous and thus, considered perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. The corals are exceptionally attractive. Swimming freely in its waters surrounded by colourful underwater creatures is something that you will not forget ever. It’s like swimming in a huge aquarium. Interesting, isn’t it? Especially for divers, the biggest reason to travel to the Andaman Islands is to witness the charming waters.

Reason #3: The ultimate privacy & seclusion
Love birds travel to this fabulous because it is the ultimate destination where you can enjoy a perfect blend of nature and privacy. Couples can experience the most incredible and romantic experiences here. Spend quality time with your better half while being surrounded by the endless ocean. Witness pure beauty that will surely leave you awestruck.

Reason #4: Relaxation on splendid beaches
The laid-back time spent on its beaches which are absolutely neat and clean is among the top reasons to visit the Andaman Islands. Turtle Beach is one such beach here that is counted among the most beautiful ones. Here, the vast bluish-green ocean kisses the horizon. Truly blissful are the mornings with soft sunlight and peaceful waves. The twilight hours have a thousand hues of red, orange, and purple that look amazingly magical. Enjoy the sea breeze and the soothing sound of waves. It is the most sought-after travel destination for redefining romance under the gazillion stars.

Reason #5: A superb travel experience
Life is too short to miss out on this paradise! We strongly recommend adding Turtle Beach to your travel bucket list. It is one of the best beaches in the Andaman Islands in the truest sense. Whosoever visits this heaven is sure to have unforgettable memories.

When in the Andamans, you will be absolutely stunned to know that there are a lot of things that you can do there. Whether you choose to go scuba diving or just enjoy the white silky sands, you can make your vacation on this beach an action-packed affair or a laidback escapade. Suiting the demands of every fun and thrill-seeker, you can try a myriad of fun activities here. At Turtle Beach, get ready to do enthralling activities both over and under the ocean waters. While adventure lovers can indulge in undersea activities like diving, honeymoon couples can pamper themselves by getting the perfect tan lazing on the pristine white, silky sand beach. There is so much to do here for an unforgettable beach vacation!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the perfect Indian paradise. It forms an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. Once a mysterious place, the island is now a popular holiday destination for all age groups. It is located 1370 kilometres east of the Indian mainland and comprises 572 islands. This Indian union territory can be visited by everyone–friends, solo travellers, couples, and families.

So what are you waiting for? Book your honeymoon package in the Andaman Islands and fall in love with its beaches just as much as you have with your better half!

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