Turtle Beach: An offbeat scuba diving site in Havelock Island

Turtle Beach: An offbeat scuba diving site in Havelock Island
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The moment you land on the gorgeous Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you will be bombarded with posters of scuba diving everywhere you look. that is quite obvious though as this union territory of India is the best destination for exploring the underwater world in the country. Its crystal-clear waters are home to beautiful marine life. The corals here are sure to leave anyone awestruck. 

Havelock Island, officially known as Swaraj Dweep, is the most sought-after location for scuba diving in the Andaman Islands. Its dive sites are crowded with tourists from all over the country. As a result, that has affected the aquatic creatures and corals. The corals in many dive sites have become pale due to excessive human access. 

However, if you are an ocean lover and want to dive at a location that is secluded, then Turtle Beach in Havelock Island should be your next stop. It is an offbeat dive site that is still hidden on the island. Not many people know about this hidden gem and are missing out on an incredible scuba diving experience. Good for you, isn't it! 

To reach Turtle Beach, first, you have to reach Elephant Beach via a boat ride or trekking. From there, our charter boat will take you to the pristine Turtle Beach. It will take just 25 minutes and the entire short journey is extremely beautiful wherein you can enjoy the natural beauty of the sea.

An enormous garden of staghorn corals, the dive site is just off Turtle Beach in Havelock Island. A myriad of fish including butterflyfish, anemonefish, angelfish, parrotfish, sweetlips, etc. further adds colours to the wonderful underwater world. You can also spot stingrays relaxing on the fine white sand. The dive conditions here are easy; thus, this beach is a sought-after location for macro photography. It is a great site for snorkelers as well. 

Useful training for this site
Adaptive Support Diver, Adaptive Techniques, Dive Against Debris, PADI Discover Scuba Diving, Open Water Diver, PADI Scuba Refresher, PADI Underwater Navigator, PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy, PADI Underwater Photographer, PADI Underwater Naturalist, PADI Rescue Diver, PADI Fish Identification, PADI Project AWARE® Specialist, PADI Coral Reef Conservation Diver, PADI Discover Local Diving, PADI Search and Recovery Diver

Dive types

  • Beach
  • Reef
  • Sandy bottom
  • Ocean

Suggested equipment

  • Camera
  • Dive computer
  • Dive Flag
  • Rash guard
  • Shorty
  • Surface Marker Buoy
  • Torch

Common sightings
Triggerfish, Barracuda, Sea turtle, Coral, Kuhl’s Stingray, Trevally, Sergent Mayor, Grey Angelfish, Rock Beauty, four-eye Butterflyfish, Humphead parrotfish, Reef fish (Scorpionfish, boxfish, puffer fish, surgeonfish, angelfish, bannerfish, triggerfish, parrotfish, trumpetfish, pipefish, clown fish, sweetlips, snapper, grouper, lionfish, fusilier, etc.

Maximum depth
72 feet / 22 meters

Snacks and juice will be given to you after you are done with your scuba diving or snorkelling experience. In addition to that, if you want coverage of your entire experience on Turtle Beach, then our expert photographers will do drone videography and photography for you. trust us, you are going to cherish this wonderful footage forever. It’s nothing like what you have seen earlier! 

The Andaman Islands is a hub of water sports and when it comes to discovering underwater life via scuba diving, then Turtle Beach is known for offering a quaint experience. Enjoying endless adventures that the Andaman Sea has to offer, you can indulge in diving to witness the colourful coral reefs of the Andamans. It is one of the top experiences to try on the islands. One of the most adventurous things to do here, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to uncover the mysteries of the underwater world. 

What else you can do on Turtle Beach
When you are at a beach, the sand and salt get stuck to your body along with its memories getting stuck in your heart! Everyone loves beaches, whether you are a kid or an elder. Probably there would be no one who doesn’t like the idea of visiting a beach. Especially Andaman beaches are famous for their splendour all over the world. The oozing beauty of Turtle Beach can change and charge your mind, body, and soul. Just relax and rejuvenate here after you are exhausted after all the enthralling water adventure activities. 

The best thing about Turtle Beach is that it is a hidden and secluded beach. Not everyone knows about this tiny piece of heaven. That’s why there is a high possibility that you will have the entire beach to yourself. Just swim in its turquoise waters or enjoy a delicious picnic lunch by the seashore. Wellness activities including yoga and meditation can also be done here. And if you are also interested in a professional photo shoot, then Turtle Beach is an ideal location in the Andaman Islands. 

Whether you are travelling alone or with family, spouse, or friends, Turtle Beach in Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep) will spellbind you with its pristine beauty. It is highly recommended that you visit this paradise owing to its natural charm!

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are famous among adventure seekers owing to the diversity of water sports one can experience here. Having a multitude of activities available for one and all, no one can get bored on this little piece of paradise. Scuba diving and snorkelling are such water sports that you should definitely try during your vacation here. The islands offer the best diving experience in India owing to the clear visibility underwater and rich marine life. You can notice the colourful reefs of the ocean shining through your underwater goggles. You can have a look at underwater life and the rarest corals while performing this activity in the Andaman Islands. All you need to do is just put on your gear for the underwater dive. Before anything, a professional session will be conducted by experts. After that, you can take a dive and explore the unexplored. 

Visit Turtle Beach for an unforgettable experience in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Enjoy quality time at this hidden paradise. 

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