Underwater Photoshoot in the Andaman Islands

Underwater Photoshoot in the Andaman Islands
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Underwater photoshoot in the Andaman Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the most gorgeous union territory of India. It is popular for its pristine beaches that are counted among the best in the country. The water here is home to amazing aquatic life that is rare to be found anywhere else. The crystal-clear waters let you explore each and every part under favourable conditions. If you are planning a vacation in the Andaman Islands, then don’t miss out on scuba diving here. This water adventure activity is the best in the Andamans. And when you are at it, why not get an underwater photoshoot as well? Something like that is definitely exclusive and many people have never ever seen something like that. 

Since you are interested in adding this once-in-a-lifetime experience to your travel bucket list, we want to tell you that you have 2 options to get an underwater photoshoot–shore diving and boat diving. Depending on the location, you can choose anyone for your scuba diving experience and the photoshoot. Imagine getting clicked when you are surrounded by colourful fish, turtles, vibrant corals, and so much more. The blue colour of the waters in the Andaman Islands offers the perfect backdrop for your photographs. Moreover, you can get underwater videos as well in case you want to capture all your moments while diving. 

Underwater photography & photoshoots in the Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands have world-class dive sites that offer incredible experiences, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The island is one of the best locations across the island when it comes to underwater photoshoots. The dive sites are easy to access and one can reach there between 10 minutes and 1 hour via boat. These spots vary depending on the topography and aquatic life.

In case you are a model who wants to get some pictures clicked for a swimwear company or something on similar lines, then you should know that getting such marvellous underwater pictures will expand your portfolio and fast-track your application. You will need to have an open mind while going for such a unique photoshoot in the depths of the ocean. One thing that is 100% guaranteed is that you will have excellent results. An underwater photoshoot in the Andaman Islands is definitely your answer if you are seeking something out of the box!

The Andaman Islands promise an extraordinary diving experience for certified divers as well as beginners. Thanks to the preserved marine life and alive corals around the shore and beyond. The shoreline of the island offers crystal clear, blue waters. Its rich population of corals is sure to take away your breath! The medium water currents and safe depth offer an optimal underwater adventure. To tick a memorable underwater photography experience off your bucket list, choose this island as your next travel destination. The corals are well-preserved and in abundance here. The waters are clear enough for an excellent view of the underwater world as well as splendid pictures and videos.

Top locations for an underwater photoshoot in the Andaman Islands

The entire Andamans is no less than a paradise for ocean lovers! If you love the underwater world, then this union territory in India is your best bet. What you will witness here is absolutely rare and incredible. The hard and soft corals here are extremely colourful and are sure to leave you awestruck with their splendour. The marine life including clownfish, turtles, sharks, dugongs, octopuses, manta rays, etc. is indescribable for sure. You are not going to believe your eyes!

There are certain locations in the Andaman Islands that are the most sought-after among others. These dive sites are located in Port Blair (the capital town of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands), Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep), Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep), etc. Some of the scuba dive sites here are suitable for beginners, some only for experts, and some for both. So you need to pick one accordingly. If you are PADI-certified, then you have more chances for sure. 

Neil Island has gained immense popularity for being an incredible scuba diving site across the Andaman Islands. If you are a beginner or a certified diver, who is seeking more scuba diving experience in favourable conditions, then these dive sites in the Andamans are counted among the best. A myriad of marine life can be seen at these dive sites. Therefore, whether you are a newbie or an experienced diver, you are sure to get amazed. The calmer underwater conditions present here are ideal for you.

That’s why these sites are also counted among the best ones for underwater photoshoots. The vibrant marine life here is simply awesome! Even expert divers come here, again and again, to dive and have the best experience of underwater life. So if you are looking for a pre-wedding photoshoot or for modelling or something else, then these dive sites in Neil Islands are some of the topmost in the Andaman Islands.

  • Junction

Depth: 72-98 feet

Suitable for: Intermediate-Advanced

Located between Havelock Island and Neil Island, Junction is a reef that starts at around 72 feet and drops down to nearly 98 feet. A big school of lionfish living around some soft corals can be seen at the tip. Blue-spotted stingrays, various types of sea stars, and very large napoleon wrasses can be seen towards the shallower part of the reef. Divers can also spot Pelagic fish and reef sharks at this site. Marlin can also be seen occasionally. Others include a large school of trevallies and barracudas. The Junction dive site in Neil Island is suitable for intermediate to advanced divers owing to its depth and moderate to strong currents.

  • K-Rock

Depth: 39-62 feet

Suitable for: All

An incredible dive site for all levels of scuba divers, K-Rock is a huge volcanic rock over a sandy bottom having varied depths. This dive site rarely has any current and thus, it is perfect for underwater navigation courses. There are many crevices, small overhangs, and small boulder formations for you to explore. You can spot different types of snappers, sweetlips, soldierfish, and butterfly fish on this rock. The aquatic life here is different from Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep). 

  • Margherita’s Mischief

Depth: 22-52 feet

Suitable for: All

This Neil Island dive site is a huge, sandy bottom that is covered in a maze of boulders. The perfect location for open water divers owing to its easy depths and good visibility. Margherita’s Mischief rarely has a water current. Dugongs often frequent this site and you can capture them on your camera. Hundreds of yellow snappers and soldierfish can be seen on the boulder patches. Pufferfish, angelfish, batfish, and dozens of blue spotted stingrays can be seen hidden in the sand. This scuba dive site is just ten minutes away from the jetty. 

  • Bus Stop

Depth: 45-65 feet

Suitable for: All

This dive site is located on the western side of Neil Island. Bus Stop is along a gentle, sloping bottom that begins from 45 feet and goes up to 65 feet. There are small reef steps on the sandy bottom. One can spot plenty of garden eels in the sand between reefs.

  • Jetty Channel Marker

Depth: 22-36 feet

Suitable for: Beginner-Intermediate

Suitable for all divers including Open Water students, this dive site in Neil Island is a gorgeous reef around the jetty channel marker. The top is 22 feet and drops down to a sandy bottom around 36 feet on the sides. You can see a concrete pillar on its side underwater at this site. The aquatic life here includes schools of trevally, angelfish, stingrays, parrotfish, small puffers, triggerfish, juvenile batfish, scorpionfish, and so much more!

Best time for underwater photography in the Andaman Islands

Some of the prettiest beaches in India are located in the Andaman Islands. The scenic beaches boast white sands and uninterrupted views of the clear blue skies. The best time to get an underwater photoshoot on the island is from October to April when the weather is pleasurable and the water is cleanest. Most of the people preferring to come here plan their Andaman trip during this time. The summer season is likely to be avoided. Please note that off-shore sites have more big-fish action and clearer waters. However, diving there depends on wind and sea conditions.

For Aqua Nomad, your safety is of utmost importance and for that, our instructors adhere to the specified depth limits of diver certification. They also ensure that you have a lot of fun during your entire time under the water surface. Diving and photography in the waters of the Andaman Islands is something that you should not miss for the world! It is breathtaking, magical, mystical, and everything else that gives you immense joy and absolute happiness. You will never forget the first breath that you will take under the water.

Getting a photoshoot done in the underwater world of the Andamans is surely worth your time and money!

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